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Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

We all know the lifeblood of any online business or opportunity is having a steady stream of qualified traffic to any offer or product we promote.

Simply put, without qualified traffic - you’re dead in the water!

And to take it a step further,
not all traffic is created equal. Sheesh...not by a long shot

If it were, then buying 1000 clicks to a page would rake in overnight millions for most people. But as you’ve probably seen (and experienced yourself), that’s just not the case.

See, if you want to get the best qualified traffic, you have to go to where the source is. You have to go where people are ALREADY looking for what you have to offer and just get that offer in front of them.

And one of the best places (if not the best in most cases) to do that is none other than Facebook.

And with what I’m about to put in you r hands today, if you use it responsibly and not spammy-ish, Facebook could become your very own sweet traffic on demand honey pot.

But first, you have to get past the gatekeepers...

Pay Very Close Attention...

Facebook Now Boasts 1.3 BILLION PEOPLE Frequenting Their Site. And Inside FB There Are Leads And Cash Just Ripe For The Taking. Can I Help You Get Your Share?

Can you imagine that 1/7th of the planet has access to Facebook?

That’s crazy right?

Now, how many of those people do you think you need in order to pocket a nice cool extra six figures this year?

Not many right? Well, there are a lot of people on Facebook just waiting to see what you’re offering, but you have to know how to ‘cozy’ up to them in the right way. Kind of like a teenager who wants the car keys for the weekend party.

See, if you just come out and blatantly try and sell something on Facebook, you’ll get thrown into the spam abyss and and no one will want to deal with you.

Ever again.

But there is a ‘way’ to snuggle up to a lot of leads that produce cash on Facebook. What way is that?


It’s the way you get permission to put content, offers, products, and anything else you want
in front of people who...well, have become a fan.

But putting in the work to grow that Fanpage? That’s the hard part.

Trying To Grow and Manage A Single Fanpage?.
“Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!”

Look, I’ll be the first to admit that having a thriving Fanpage is an asset that can pay dividends for years to come.

But I’ll also admit that it can be   SOOOOOO FREAKING TEDIOUS!

And that’s just one page alone!

Trying to find the right content, replying to comments, coming up with new ideas to try and grab your fans attention, heck - it’s enough to even drain the Energizer bunny.

And it’s because of these very issues that most people just leave their profit potential Fanpages in the cyber graveyard.

Maybe that’s you?
Maybe...just maybe you started a Fanpage on Facebook that you were all giddy about only to look months later and it still has two measly likes. One by grandma and one by your mommy.

You need to change that. You need to have a system where you can get the most out of your Fanpages while still having some level of sanity and time on your hands.

And yes, it is possible. If you have the right tools...

What If You Could Have Multiple Fanpages
In Multiple Niches All Pulling In Sales and Leads
For You Around The Clock 24/7...

While You’re Away From The Computer?


having a Fanpage pulling you, let’s say $50 a day in profit conservatively. It’s not far fetched to do this once you’ve built up the fans and content.

Now let’s say that with the same amount of effort, you have 10 Fanpages all producing $50 a day in pure profit from simple videos you’re posting and more.

That’s $500 a day!

Now I’m not saying you will do that overnight. It does take some work, but what if you have 3 pages producing $35 day each? That’s a little over $100 a day.

An extra $36,000 a year give or take.

That kind of extra changes things. Changes the car you drive, the house you live in, and even the kind of school the kids go to.

But the key is having the system and tools that allow you to do the above without sacrificing all the hours you have in the day.

And until recently, no tool could give you such power to create amazing engagement for any Fanpage you own.

That is until now...

Take a Look at Some of the Amazing Results Users are Getting

Top Marketers are Raving About Live Engager

With the power of Live Video & Polls combined in one tool we have been able to capture 2 or 3 times the amount of comments on our posts so in turn drive more traffic to our pages and offers.

This has allowed us to increase our profits with less work. Win Win!!

- Nakul N

Founder - Founder Engageleads

I love it! Everything is all in one dashboard for super easy setup! Plus having the power to be able to increase my traffic 10x over in any niche is icing on the cake!!

- Ankur Shukla

Creator of WP Freshstar

FB Live is one of the biggest advancements in marketing in years, and LIVE Engager gives you easy to use tools that take live videos to a new level

- Ray Lane

CEO - Ray The Video Guy

Simply WOW! Generating Leads and Traffic from FB was never that easy... Combining the power of videos and social media to this level is really amazing... If you use videos in social media, this is must have tool for you

- Ankit Mehta

CEO, Mindbugg


The Simple To Use Software That Helps Explode
Engagement, Leads, and Cash All On Demand!

(See tLive Engager In Action Below!)

So How Can Live Engager Help You Profit?
Check Out These Incredible Benefits…

Live Engager can help any struggling or even experienced online business owner
get the most out of every fan page they own while cutting the workload to shreds.

And with all of the advancements that Facebook is making with their
technology, it’s become easier than ever to profit with any Fanpage you own!

How it works

Voting with Reactions

Voting with Hashtag

Voting with Bars


Here’s a full list of
what Live Engager can do for your Fanpage marketing:


Quickly and Easily Create Videos With Polls

Live Engager makes it easy for anyone to get up and running quickly. Just
simply choose from one of the many templates (see below), customize it till
your heart’s content, and then launch it on your Fanpage to grab more
engagement from the market!


Nine High Profile Engaging Templates Complete With Voting Reaction

Now your fans will be able to respond and see responses in real time with these carefully crafted voting reaction templates designed to draw fans in like a moth to
the flame. Simply add your poll and launch!

Just seeing the results brings the curiosity out in most fans online.


Six Voting Templates With Bars For Visually Stunning Engagement

When you run a contest or have some sort of poll, there’s no better way to get people involved than by making it something fun to do. These templates will help bring your fans in droves while creating a friendly little competition in the process.

And that means more engagement for you which means more eyeballs which means more visitors to your favorite product or offer!


Six Voting Templates Complete With Hashtag Ability

Listen, hashtags are still a big deal despite what some fake guru might tell you. That’s why people use them so much. Well now you can take advantage of that extra traffic by incorporating hashtags (trending ones too) right into your favorite polls or contests!


Easy To Use FB Live Scheduler That Brings More Leads and Sales!

Live Engager also allows you to take advantage of FB Live by giving you the option to schedule any of your video polls as a live video!

This one option alone is HUGE!!

Now you don’t have to sit at the computer and do things manually. Just setup your video, run the scheduler, select your profile picture, set your time, and Live Engager will post on your Fanpage to tell people about your upcoming video! (We’ll show you how to do this step by step!)


Six Fan Anticipating Countdown Templates

Along with the scheduling option, Live Engager includes six countdown templates that you can use to countdown to future or past events.

And all in only a few steps!


20 Professionally Recorded Royalty Free Background Music Tracks

One of the great things about using video polls or any video is that you don’t always have to talk!

But when there’s no sound at all, well that can be a little ‘awkward’ right?

Well Live Engager has you covered. Simply choose from our library of 20 royalty free tracks that you can use to accompany your video and now your video has gone from just plain ol’ bland to being 100X more engaging!


Live Engager News Ticker For Displaying Call To Actions and More!

If there’s one thing we all have to admit, when we watch the news or some other program, the scrolling ticker text at the bottom or top always seems to draw our attention away from the content right?

Well, now you can use that same technique with Live Engager!

With this option you can customize your text and it will display like ticker news right along with your video and allow you to use all types of call to actions for as long as you want!


Real Time Reactions Will Help Bring You More FREE Facebook Traffic

By having a lot of activity going on with your videos, not only do your fans start to share and like your videos, but then it starts to increase your reach in the Facebook realm.

And just by these few things happening, more people start to see your video which means more FREE traffic that you don’t have to pay a dime for AND that you can monetize any way you want.


25 Plus Premium Backgrounds For Any Live Poll You Create and Run

Along with everything you see here, we also want to make sure you can get any live poll up and running quickly while still looking professional at the same time.

We already told you that using Live Engager would be a cinch. You didn’t think we’d leave you hanging did you? ;-)


Detailed Statistical Tracking At Its Finest

Along with all of the incredible features of Live Engager, we want to let you have the option to see how your videos are working for you. With the Live Engager platform, you can see a birds eye view of every video you publish with Live Engager and how well each one performs.

This way you’ll know what type of videos to create in the future to get even more engagement while dumping the rest that don’t produce in the process.

Here Are 6 Reasons

Why You DO NOT Want To Pass On Adding Live Engager To Your Marketing Arsenal:


Get More Views and Longer Interactions

It’s a known fact that Facebook Live videos are watched up to 3X longer than videos that aren’t live. Using this knowledge along with Live Engager can not only increase sales, but also create rabid fans in the process!


Supercharge Your Results With Live Video

Listen, nothing works better than video. And rightfully so since we all are visual people. When you incorporate video into your marketing and Fanpages, you exponentially increase your brand awareness, profits, leads, and more...only about 1000X faster!


Makes Being Social TRULY SOCIAL

We all love social media, but let’s be honest; social media hasn’t really given itself to making people more social. If anything, it’s done the opposite.

And that’s where Live Engager shines. Because you can show live reactions, it actually helps pull people into the poll and comments where dialogue and curiosity are created.


Be Everywhere All At The Same Time

If you manage multiple groups and pages, now you can schedule live videos in every single one without having to do it one at a time.

Imagine the amount of time this will save you while you reap the benefits!


Can Work For Any Niche Or Any Market

As we said earlier, engagement is key. And with Live Engager, you can stir up any market there is on the planet. Every market or niche desires a certain result and when you use Live Engager to help find what that result is while at the same time generating tons of interests in your polls and videos, you’re sure generate a ton of sales and leads on demand.

The sky truly is the limit!


Get More Comments Which Gets More Traffic

Live videos have been known to get up to 10X more comments than regular videos. All because people are interacting with the content in real time.

So when you compare that to regular videos, all things being equal, if a regular video could produce $10 in profit, then a live one with the same parameters should product up to $100 in profit!

And all for doing the same or less amount of work.

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