Trust Me, This Upgrade Is Like Pouring Rocket Fuel On Live Engager and Lighting It With A Stick of Dynamite. It’s That Explosive.

Well, look at you.

Getting all fancy with the Fanpages and stuff!

All jokes aside, you’ve just made the right choice by investing in Live Engager. And while Live Engager is everything (and more) that we said it would be - how would you like to see how far down the rabbit hole really goes?

And I’m not talking about some spammy stuff that you see with every flavor of the week shiny object stuff. Nope. I’m talking about more tools Facebook approves of that will have people lining up to get on your list with cash in hand.

But first...

If You Work Within Facebook’s Ecosystem, It’s Nothing But Complete Euphoria. You Can Get A Lot of Free and Cheap Traffic Over and Over Again. But Try To Cheat The System...and It’s Game Over!

See, we don’t want to have to use some loophole or hack that gets our account suspended, or
even worse - BANNED FOR LIFE!

We want to work within the parameters that Facebook has already setup and use every last one to our advantage.

How? By using items to not only increase our engagement, but also automate as much as
possible AND be social while doing so.

And this is where we decided to put our heads together to come up with a way to do the above. I’ll admit, it was a bit of a pain and took a ton of programming, but we’ve come up with just the right mix of ‘cocktail’ benefits and features that will make Live Engager bring you unparalleled returns for years to come.

Let me show you what we’ve come up with.

Take It To the Next Level With
Live Engager Pro!

(See The Demo Below)

Just Look At What Live Engager Pro Can Do!

Autopilot Replies To Comments On Demand

To keep the engagement going, Live Engager Pro will answer all the comments on your Fanpages while you sit back and relax.

And not with some can spammed replies. Nope.

The comprehensive features in Live Engager Pro allows you to:

  • Set keyword parameters so Live Engager Pro knows exactly which replies to respond to and when
  • Send auto reply and post comment automatically anywhere on Facebook (we’ll show you how!)
  • Manage customers with ease by the use of keywords and hashtags

And that’s just the tip of what Live Engager Pro can do.

Reply To Comments With Personal Inbox Message

Live Engager Pro also allows you to send a personal message on Facebook to anyone that replies with a comment based on any keyword parameters you set.

This alone will do wonders in making the connection even deeper with your leads. That deeper connection leads to trust which in turn leads to sales!

Auto Hide Bad Comments Automatically Without The Manual Hassle

Live Engager Pro allows you to Auto Hide based on a keyword set by the user. Yes it's that simple all you have to do is put in your keyword that matches what you don't want said about your post and Live Engager Pro will hide that comment for you on Autopilot. No more tedious work or outsourcing. Just flip the switch and let Live Engager Pro handle the rest.

Simple Yet Powerful Social Syndication

Besides all the amazing things Live Engager Pro can do within Facebook, you can also use Live Engager Pro to publish your live video notifications on Twitter, Linked In, Google Plus, Pinterest, Tumblr, and StumbleUpon.

Just another way of getting more reach and traffic with the same or less effort!

Curiosity Revealed Voting Feature

There’s no better way to get people to vote by making them want to see what’s behind the curtain. This option allows you to set up a video or image that can only be revealed little by little when people vote.

This encourages more people to share so you get more eyeballs on your image or video. And when that happens, watch out for a viral tsunami!

What's Behind Puzzles

People love to play games and show how smart they are. It’s the reason you keep seeing those same types of posts like, “Everyone will get this math problem wrong” or “If you figure this out, you’re a genius”.

And then you look at the likes, shares, and comments, and you see a TON of them!

Why? Because people want to prove they are above average with these types of games and Live Engager lets you take that same fan curiosity and ego - and helps you take it to another level!

Just simply set your game rules and display the winners names at the end of the video. Engagement at its finest!

Ok, Let’s Get You Upgraded and Ready To Go
With Live Engager Pro Right Now!

Now if you’re still on the fence a bit and wondering whether this upgrade is for you, let me tell you that it most definitely is.

Do you need this upgrade in order for Live Engager to work? No. Live Engager is everything we said it was and more when you made your purchase.

But with Live Engager Pro, you’re going from the corner suite to the penthouse. Sure, the suite is nice, but the penthouse has more features and more exclusivity.

And that’s what we’re offering you today.

Live Engager Pro will put you so far ahead and above the competition that they won’t know what hit them!

And all for just a small investment.

Think about it, isn’t the small investment worth not having to spend countless hours on end replying to messages, liking comments for engagement, trying to syndicate to other social media properties, and more?

Why waste your time on that when you can have your very own automated solution handling all the heavy lifting for you?

So go ahead and use the button below to get access to Live Engager Pro right now. Don’t delay.

And get ready to turbo charge your leads, sales, and Fanpages even more with Live Engager Pro!

LIVE Engager Pro

Claim Live Engager Pro PLUS Claim Developers Rights to WP Quiz Master

WP Quiz Master
($67 Value)

A very easy to use plugin that allows user to create and embed them anywhere on your blog.

  • Unlimited amount of quizzes
  • Each quiz has individual options
  • Mobile friendly (responsive design)
  • Each question can have its own featured image
  • Share Quiz score on Facebook and Twitter
  • Much Much More…
Earlybird Bonus

WP Video Attention [Value: $67]

"WP Video Attention is a plugin that allows you to clip your video and serves as a widget to any corner on your page. This allows your videos to VISIBLY continue playing when a user scrolls down a page, so they are still able to see the video and not only hear it."


Lock This In Today And Claim Live Engager Pro Plus Developers Rights to WP Quiz Master

LIVE Engager Pro


“I’m Ready To Sign Up, But First… Does The Guarantee Still Stand?” You Betcha!

Hey, we know that this upgrade will be the perfect compliment to your already powerful Live Engager software. But in the rare, and I mean EXTREMELY rare case that you experience any problems with Live Engager Pro, just hit us up at the support desk and we’ll get your technical issue fixed right away! Now if you face any technical issue which we don’t solve for you we will give you 100% of your money back.

We take care of our customers and have proven record for solving customers concerns and problems, 98.2% to be exact, therefore this guarantee only to technical issues all other sales are final.

Most software vendors cannot say that and that is why we do not offer a no-questions asked refund we want to solve your issue and are here to help. You will need to provide us with a valid reason for requesting one.

Please know you are safe with our top notch awarded team & your purchase is protected.

Yes You Can Buy Confidence & Know You Incur No Risk Whatsoever!